A.R.E. Partners

A.R.E. Partners is a full-service, boutique brokerage that developed the MACH3 (M3) approach to real estate. M3 is a combination of steps taken to produce the maximum value for A.R.E.’s clients.

  • With M3, A.R.E. has been able to create bidding wars for its listings and sell for as high as 172% of the asking price.|
  • Our buyers and investors benefit from M3 to  acquire properties for as little as 56% of the asking price.

M3 combined with A.R.E.’s integrity and skill have earned us the trust of many real estate buyers, sellers, and investors and has contributed to our quickly becoming one of the top brokerages in northern Illinois.

You need A Real Estate Partner. We A.R.E. your Partners.

A.R.E. Partners Inc.
Illinois - 2923 N. Milwaukee Ave., #306   Chicago, IL 60618
Indiana - 9445 Indianapolis Blvd., #1029   Highland, IN 46322 

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